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International Trade Union Confederation - Le ITUC représente 176 millions de travailleurs dans 156 pays différents, il est affilié à 312 nations.


23 mars
Mathieu Debroux

ITUC Condemns London Terror Attack

The ITUC has condemned yesterday's murderous terrorist attack in London, which have taken the lives of a least 4 people and injured many more, and expressed its condolences and solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom. "Our thoughts are first and foremost with those who have fallen (...)
22 mars
Vicente Cepedal

ILO extends probe into forced labour of migrant workers in Qatar

The ITUC has welcomed a decision by the International Labour Organisation to maintain pressure on Qatar over its 'kafala' system of modern slavery. The ILO's Governing Body decided to keep open the possibility of a Commission of Inquiry into Qatar despite the Gulf state's unprecedented (...)
21 mars
Mathieu Debroux

ITUC Demands Release of Algerian Trade Unionists

The ITUC has demanded the immediate release of 9 Algerian independent trade unionists who were arrested by security forces in a 6am raid on a hotel where they were staying, on 21 March. The nine, including the President of the SNATEGS union, which is affiliated to the ITUC member organisation (...)
20 mars
Philippe Gousenbourger

ITUC Condemns Belarus Government Attacks on Unemployed

The ITUC has condemned the actions of the authorities Belarus for levying fines against unemployed people and detaining people who have protested against the government's actions. Some 450,000 unemployed people face fines of 200 Euros simply for not having a job, under a Decree on (...)
16 mars
Mathieu Debroux

Brazilians Rising Against Temer Government’s Dismantling of Pensions and Attacks on Workers’ Rights

More than a million people across Brazil's 27 states took part in protests on 15 March against huge cuts to pensions and social security planned by the deeply unpopular government of Michel Temer. The protests, organised by a broad coalition including all of Brazil's trade union centres, along (...)

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