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International Trade Union Confederation - Le ITUC représente 176 millions de travailleurs dans 156 pays différents, il est affilié à 312 nations.


20 septembre
Philippe Gousenbourger

eSwatini : Police Brutally Attack Defenseless Members of TUCOSWA Ahead of Sham Elections

The ITUC has condemned the actions of the government of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) as dozens of police in riot gear have attacked workers during a peaceful demonstration calling for pay rises over the past two days. The ITUC has condemned the actions of the government of eSwatini (formerly (...)
18 septembre
Vicente Cepedal

ITUC Meeting of Experts Confirms Social Protection for All Is Affordable

The majority of the world's population is not covered under any type of social protection scheme, and less than 30 per cent enjoy comprehensive coverage. Women, workers in the informal economy and workers in non-standard forms of employment are disproportionately under-protected. This is in (...)
17 septembre
Philippe Gousenbourger

UN Human Rights Council Adopts Key Report on Exposure of Workers to Toxic Substances

A new report adopted by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) says that the exposure of workers to toxic substances is a global challenge that can and should be considered a form of exploitation. The HRC is calling states, business actors and international organisations to urgently eliminate or (...)
15 septembre
Philippe Gousenbourger

Turkey : ITUC Condemns Mass Arrest of Workers on Strike

The ITUC condemns the mass arrest of workers who went on strike to protest against the unsafe and inhumane working conditions on the construction site of the third Istanbul airport. There have been 42 deaths already at the construction site where migrant workers from countries such as Nepal (...)
14 septembre
Philippe Gousenbourger

Carta de la CSI al Presidente de la República de Guatemala - Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad en Guatemala (CICIG)

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